New Member Application Renewing Member Lapsed Member
  1. Online application form and payment
  2. Board approval
  1. You will receive an invoice to make payment in February each year
  1. Online application form and payment
  2. Board approval

Membership is open to persons who are actively engaged in or interested in the pharmacological and toxicological sciences. Persons interested in joining ASCEPT should complete the on-line application form to join as a Full Member or Student Member. Membership subscriptions are based on a calendar year beginning 1st January and ending on 31st December.


Membership application process

  • Complete on-line membership form. Membership applications must include the name and email address of a nominator who is a financial member of the Society.
  • The annual membership fee must be paid at the time of application.
  • Membership applications are reviewed by the Executive Officer and the Company Secretary. All applications are approved by Council.
  • Members are notified of all new members at the Annual General Meeting.
  • To take advantage of the lower registration fees available to members for the December scientific meeting, applications for membership must be received by the 30th September for submission to the October Council meeting


A full member is a person who is actively engaged or interested in the development, application or activity of drugs or chemicals.


Many of the ASCEPT members are students – honours, Master’s or PhD. ASCEPT has a long history of supporting student members, encouraging them to excel and establish a career in pharmacology. Just some of the ways ASCEPT supports students include:

  • Low membership fees
  • Low registration fees for the Annual Scientific Meeting
  • Student representative on Council
  • Careers symposium at the Annual Scientific Meeting
  • Mentoring program

Annual Subscription Rates

The annual subscription shall be payable in advance on the first day of January in each year. A person admitted to membership of the Society at any time during the year will be liable to pay the full annual subscription for that year. All payments must be made in Australian dollars. Members living in Australia must pay the Australian fee.


Full member
Australian and international members – A$200.00 (includes GST)
New Zealand members – NZ$200.00 (A$185.00)

Student member
Australian and international members – A$85.00 (includes GST)
New Zealand members – NZ$85.00 (A$76.00)

Retired Member
Members of ASCEPT who have been members of the Society for more than ten years and who have retired from full time employment can apply for retired member status. Retired members of ASCEPT receive all the benefits of full members and can register for the Annual Scientific Meeting at the student rate. Retired members do not pay membership fees.