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ASCEPT International Travel Awards

The purpose of the ASCEPT International Travel Awards is to assist eligible members to attend international conferences.  The ASCEPT Board will determine from time to time eligible conferences for which a travel grant may be provided.



World Congress of Basic & Clinical Pharmacology (WCP) 13th – 18th July 2014

Recently I attended the World Congress of Basic & Clinical Pharmacology (WCP) held at the Cape Town International Convention Centre in Cape Town, South Africa from 13th to 18th July 2014.

My main objectives for attending this conference were to present a poster on the research I had undertaken to date within my PhD, to network with both new and senior international researchers from around the world, and to explore post-doctoral opportunities.

With 1,450 delegates in attendance and 83 countries represented, this conference was the largest I have been to. Many different aspects of both basic and clinical pharmacology were represented and presented. Not only did attending the conference give me the opportunity to network with people from different areas of research from mine, but also to talk to people from different parts of the world. It gave me an insight into different styles of research, and exposed me to the varied experiences of others, both positive and negative.

The conference programme was extensive and diverse. My research involves natural products and their effect on the contractility of the smooth muscle of the prostate gland. As this conference included a generous constituent of oral presentations as well as a substantial percentage of posters on current research into natural products and phytotherapeutics, I found the conference to be extremely valuable in assisting me in my own research.

The seminars on basic and clinical pharmacology, although not entirely related to my research were extremely interesting and provided insight into other areas of research I had not considered. I was able to garner inspiration and ideas into ways my own research could progress forward, even if it was not the direction I had originally considered.
Unfortunately my poster presentation time allocation was on the last day, when many of the delegates had left, but in the previous days I had the opportunity to visit other poster presentations and speak to the presenters about their work, allowing me to network with both established researchers as well as fellow students.

I am extremely grateful to have been given this opportunity to attend a conference of such calibre. The opportunity to network with people from such varied research groups is invaluable. I would recommend every PhD student to grasp an opportunity such as this one if it comes along.

Nicole Eise B.Pharm. B.For.Sci. (Hons)
PhD Candidate
2014 DDB student representative
2014 PPA president

Medicinal Chemistry/Drug Discovery Biology
Monash Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences
Monash University